Woolsey Ackerman .... Ayn Rand, Burt Reynolds, Kate, Miles


When I was 5 years old I told my mother that when I grew up I was going to Hollywood to be an actor and meet Shirley Temple. Now I lived over a Funeral home in rural upstate New York and my family had been in that biz for 5 generations, but for 4 generations before they had been in "show" biz as well, running an opera/vaudeville/movie house for some 60 years. That is what influenced me. I studied theatre in college and then came to Los Angeles completely green, not knowing a soul. Fortunately, I was in the right place at the right time, several times and found a niche in the Hollywood community working in an area I was born to -- the history of film.


I was hired at the DGA to work in Special Projects. It was their 50th Anniversary and at a gala party I met every living legendary film director, worked on their oral histories which were published and took every seminar the guild offered -- learning the ins and outs of the business. I then moved on to the newly formed Turner Company and remained there for 14 years in their archives, later moving to the Warner Brothers lot. For Turner Publishing and Turner Classic Movies I worked on a variety of productions honoring the history of the movies and then met nearly every living legendary actor, technician, writer, composer, etc. and again, "absorbed" the film business.


In the years since I stayed in the area of film history. Having absorbed so much about the making of film, and having met Shirley Temple, I decided after a few decades that it was time to get back into acting, and to actually make films. Fortune was again in my favor as I was surrounded by brilliant film makers, and they wanted to include me in their works—so I went to work on co-writing, co-producing and acting in what is now a near cult short, THE HARVEY GIRL FROM SHANGHAI. The experience was surreal, in too many ways, including filming on the original Mack Sennett silent film stages, playing Judy Garland with Orson Welles in a fictional film noir about their legendary aborted movie which combined the best of their two scripts -- sort of!


A few more acting projects with the Helsinki Group, some spokesperson appearances on historic film collectibles, mentoring, support and classes with coaches Alex Feldman, Stephen Foster and Bobby Reed brought me to Walter Reuben’s production in which I was allowed to flex all kinds of acting muscles -- playing a variety of male and female roles. Next is a web series. Other projects are in some kind of development--- which is always the case in the biz.


Currently I can also be seen on a segment of the news show AMERICA NOW in a series about movie-related dolls. In college I did a radio play based on MERTON OF THE MOVIES. I would love to see that one day (soon) become a vehicle film -- love to see it done as a full scale musical -- though it might work as a silent film, too (it is about silent film making). But in the meantime, any kind of interesting character work would suffice. As it turned out, against many difficulties and odds, and with a lot of good luck and perseverance, I was able to fulfill my 5 year old prophecy.


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Ashley Morey .... Cesar Romero, Sarah Miles, Kate


Ashley Morey is a Southern California native, who graduated with her BFA in Theatre from UCLA. She is a member at Theatre of NOTE and loves acting in film as well as on the stage. She is a SAG/AFTRA member, and you can find her headshot and resume on IMDb. Ashley’s main focus is acting, but she is also interested in directing, and writing, and is currently directing/acting/co-writing a web series called Rogue Hoes. It follows the lives of two ordinary prostitutes who go rogue when they find out they’re working for the bad guys, a little risque, but no nudity (can’t tell if you’re happy or sad about that one!). Rogue Hoes premieres March 1st, 2014 and can be found on YouTube. Check it out!


Ashley’s hopes for her future are to be a working actor, director, and filmmaker with her extremely talented boyfriend/collaborator Dylan Cashbaugh, who is currently the DP for Rogue Hoes. Ashley and Dylan are interested in making many genres of films in the future, with documentaries at the forefront. Ashley is so thankful to have met Walter Reuben through her friend Don Nolan, and to have worked on this feature with such talented, caring, and hard-working cast members. She feels very fortunate and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!


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Zachary J. Luna .... David Whiting, Miles, Walter


Zachary J. Luna is an young actor who originally hails from Colorado. After spending his childhood in a few small towns in Boulder County, he studied theatre at The Colorado College, where he received the Pamela Riley Prize for Most Outstanding Drama Student and graduated magna cum laude in 2012, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree. Zach has performed in many theatrical productions, including the North American premiere of Samuel Beckett's Text For Nothing 4 and starring roles in The Duchess of Malfi, Sam Shepard's Tongues, and The Maids by Jean Genet.


He has played assassins, inmates, students, barons, pirates, kings, demons, and even a man transforming into a rhinoceros on stage. Zach now resides in Los Angeles and is continuing his journey in the mediums of film and television.


His dream, as always, is to continue learning and improving as an artist and collaborator and to contribute to projects that stir the imagination and explore the human condition. He believes that sharing stories and creating compelling narratives are some of the fundamental needs and defining qualities of humanity, and as such, it's an honor to be involved in the process of bringing stories and characters to life in any capacity. We define our world and give it context through the lens of our stories and characters, and in turn, our stories and characters define us and who we might become in the context of our world. To perform or to observe a performance is to give the life of another person, real or imagined, space in your heart and time in your life, witnessed to the rhythm of the beating of that same heart. If the character can be presented honestly, as an imperfect, struggling human, we stand a chance of connecting to their experience and learning from them, whether by example or counter-example. And hey, the whole thing can be pretty entertaining to boot.


Relentless shifts in written perspective aside, these are the concepts that have helped devote Zach to pursuing his work and his identity as an eternal student, striving to learn more, do more, fail more, fail better (to steal a turn of phrase from Mr. Beckett). Though he may never feel completely satisfied with his work at any present moment, (always seeing ahead of him other depths to be explored, other paths running closer to his intent, opportunities to be braver) the process of acting and storytelling itself is always fulfilling and inspirational, as is the opportunity to meet and work with creative and passionate people.


A dream role for Zachary would be any role that inspires someone out there the way he himself was inspired at a young age. A performance whose influence notably outlives the performer, since they all will, in a way. Also, it would be really cool to do some swashbuckling with a sword. That might be higher on the list, to be honest.




Moronai Kanekoa .... Miles, Walter


I’m a laid-back island boy with big dreams. Having grown up on Maui, it was easy to dream big when the island around me seemed so small. I knew I wanted to go out and see the rest of the world. I’ve always loved television and film. Growing up, that was my ticket to see other places and other worlds. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be a part of.


I got my undergrad degree in Acting and moved to New York City. There I was lucky enough to work on shows like As The World Turns and White Collar. Although New York was an exciting place to be, the laid-back vibe of Los Angeles was too much of a draw for this island boy. I came to Los Angeles a few years ago to start a Masters Acting Program at USC. Having recently completed the program, I am excited to be in Los Angeles now where I get the chance to be a part of projects like this one.




Albion Sabani .... Miles, Walter


-You get what you give.


From the tender age of 6, Albion Sabani began to notice that he was fascinated by much more different subjects than other 6 year olds. More interested on understanding how people tick, he began to observe them intently in hopes of finding similarities between one another, especially at a time when everyone seemed so disconnected. It was from identifying all the patterns and idiosyncrasies of each person that Albion began to emulate them and notice that if he wanted, he could hide himself from the world by becoming other people. Thus, a supernova of a love for acting was ignited.


Albion Sabani attended and graduated from Acting Studios of Beverly Hills (ASBH) as the breakthrough talent of his class. After writing his first play Linda in Blunderland, it was immediately chosen to be presented at ASBH with him in a supporting role. There, he was coached and educated by actor/founder of For Actors by Actors, Alex Feldman. Albion has also attended Ivana Chubbuck Acting Studio, For Actors by Actors, The Exposure with Dan Ireland, and is currently attending the award-winning Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop.


Albion has worked consistently in film and television projects since his debut as an actor. Landing his first national commercial within months of moving to Hollywood, he booked his first gig with Big Red Cola. Soon after, he starred in his first film, Crossroad, which went on to win five Dove Awards; debuted its worldwide red carpet premiere at Alex Theater in Glendale CA; and was ccreened at the Pan Pacific Film Festival. Albion currently works on an ongoing basis in a variety of educational video series with American Medical Institute & Medical Abroad as a host, actor, and director.


Originally a graduate of the University of North Texas' Audiology Department, Albion could no longer ignore his inner voice, and pushed his Audiology degree aside for his love of acting. But it was through acting that he discovered a passion that had been lying dormant for so long, the newest project in his life: Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).


Albion’s greatest belief is that we are the masters of our own universe, that if we take the time to really understand how our minds work from a scientific standpoint, we can mold it to work for us. If you can master your subconscious mind, which controls and regulates your body, emotions, and thoughts, then there would be no more limits. Actually, the beauty of it all is that you will discover there never were limits after all, only comfort zones you gave yourself protecting you from simply feeling.


The feeling that you put behind every thought is what gives it its power, nothing else. And if you regulate the feelings you receive from different stimuli, you will begin to take back control of your life. The trick is to starve what you don’t want (immediately stop negative thoughts from firing and connecting within the synapses of our brains) and feed what you do want (through the use of visualization, affirmations, and whole hearted positive feeling). Once you being to make this a routine is when you will begin to manifest your dream life, and make your visualizations a preview of life’s coming attractions!


Albion is also involved in many charities and organizations, most notably Big Brothers Big Sisters, where he has become a mentor to a young man in order to help him earn and manifest the life that he wants for himself and his mother.


Albion attributes his success to his love of helping others and putting out into the universe the same things that he would like for himself. Success is reciprocal, in order to earn more, you must give more. Thus, you only get what you give.




C. Stephen Foster .... Miles, Young Walter


It's a loooong road from Bedford, TX to Hollywood. and it's a long road from Hollywood to fame and fortune. I decided to become an actor in 9th grade after accidentally signing up for a "stagecraft" class. I became an actor because it was the only way I could find self-expression and self-esteem. If you want to know all about my acting career path, read Awakening the Actor Within. Between acting jobs, I picked up the habit of writing. I have written award-winning plays The Green Room (with Chuck Pelletier) and Legends and Bridge and screenplays Rainbow Sticker (with Chuck Pelletier) and Pyramid Scheme.


I started off my career doing "drag" in such notable plays as Divanalysis (with Scott Wilkerson), Attitudes and the Dance and BitchSlap!. It was a bumpy ride. Once I dropped my gown, and found out that I was a boy, I have been featured in movies/webisodes Off Hollywood, Studio Lot, What's My Intention? (co-written by me and Joel Craig) and Hidden Hills (which premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival). I recently played Icarus in Seven Dreams of Falling (by Scott Wilkerson) at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


All these achievements have been grand, but now that I've tasting blood, I vant more! I want to be in a slew of "indie" movies and webisodes to create a brand and a name for myself. My dream is to be a top comedic genius like Buster Keaton but would settle for Carol Burnett.





Gina Lalli .... Old Ayn Rand, Walter's mother


Gina discovered in her high school years that performing was the joy of her life. Having exhausted all the possibilities -– marching band, orchestra, drama club, debating society, tap dance classes -- all that was left after graduating was to leave her home town, Binghamton, New York, and head for Broadway.


In New York she studied acting, directing, scene design, speech, mime and ballet. The "gotta dance" theme in her life led her to study temple and court dances in India and a career of solo performances in colleges and schools across the USA. Her favorite New York experiences were studying acting with Anthony Mannino and mime with Etienne Decroux.


In India, Gina found not only great dance teachers but a great meditation teacher, Swami Muktananda. So she divided her time dancing up a storm but also traveling to the swami's ashram to meditate and chant in Sanskrit.


Back in New York, she added astrology to her many interests and studied with Lynne Palmer, advisor to many theatre and film celebrities. Finding the New York skyscrapers too imposing after life in the mostly pastoral cities of India, Gina packed up her dance bells, yoga and astrology books and moved to Austin, Texas.


In her first year in Austin she gave a dance performance at the Zach Scott Theatre and then plunged into theatre activities, starring in Fiddler on the Roof and Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, after which she was conscripted to become the theatre's costume designer. She built all 45 costumes for The Wizard of Oz and The Taming of of the Shrew. When Zach Scott's director, Chester Eitze, moved to the Bastrop Opera House, Gina stayed with him, starred in several productions there, including Arsenic and Old Lace and Fools by Neil Simon; she also made the costumes for several more plays, including vaudeville skits. As a playwright, she wrote several short radio plays, as well as produced, directed and acted in them in Bastrop.


Austin was also the magic meeting place where Gina met Walter Reuben and acted in his experimental video plays. She was also a cast member -- the Sidewalk Psychic -- in Rick Linklater's Slacker, filmed in Austin.


Gina is delighted to be reunited with Walter and take part in his full-length film The David Whiting Story...


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C. Jerry Kutner .... Mike Wallace, Miles, Lee J. Cobb, Andrew Sarris


At Columbia University, C. Jerry Kutner was president of the Columbia University Players where he directed productions of George Orwell's Animal Farm and Euripides' Orestes, and played the lead roles in productions of Samuel Beckett's Endgame and George Bernard Shaw's Don Juan in Hell. He has written about film for Bright Lights Film Journal and other publications, and contributed more than 400 posts to Bright Lights' respected companion blog, Bright Lights After Dark. The four roles he plays in The David Whiting Story are his first significant performances in a motion picture.


He is also on-line curator of The Richard M. Powers Cyber Art Gallery.


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Other cast

Marcelo Coronado .... Miles, Kate [Spanish voiceover]




And introducing


Buster the cat .... Himself




With the participation of

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Wonza Williamson













Directed by

Walter Reuben



Written by

Walter Reuben



Produced by

Walter Reuben ....  producer

Andrew Sachs ....  producer


Woolsey Ackerman ....  associate producer

Sean Butay ....  associate producer

C. Jerry Kutner ....  associate producer



Original Music by

Daniel Ring



Cinematography by

Andrew Sachs



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François Maurin



Sound Department

Johnny Karlsson ....  sound mixer



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Drew Valenti ....  set lighting technician



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Sean Butay ....  assistant editor



Other crew

Sean Butay ....  graphic design

Sesh Evans ....  key set production assistant












  Walter Reuben is one of the world's prominent dealers in vintage movie posters of all periods and from all countries.


He lived in Austin from 1971 through 1988 and directed his early experimental shorts there, including How Others Remember Us (1986), From Bad to Worse (1986) and How to Lose Weight (1987).


He wrote the screenplay for the festival award-winning film 3 Stories About Evil (2008). He produced and co-wrote the short film The Harvey Girl from Shanghai (2010).


The David Whiting Story (2014) is his first feature film.


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"A fascinating cultural collage mixing documentary, fiction, speculation, and repetition in which a supposed suicide during production of a Hollywood movie is surrounded in mystery and connected to Henry James' The Wings of the Dove in a manner remindful of the best of

 George Landow and Michael Snow."


- David Ehrenstein

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